1954 Bentley R-Type FOR SALE

1954 Bentley R-Type
Nearly all original.
Grandmas This automobile is nearly all original. I replaced the fuel pump with a modern type to make it considerably more reliable but I still have the original. It looks exactly as it left the factory and starts, runs, and drives great. The only major component that has had work is the original 4 speed Cadilac automatic transmission. I had it completely rebuilt several years ago by a specialist with those transmissions.

This is really rare vehicle with it's right hand drive. The RHD always gathers crowds at a gas station or a classic car show. It's not hard to drive but it's extra fun to sit in the front left seat when you feel you should have a steering wheel in front of you. The back seat is pure luxury with foot rests and a fold down tray on each side.
Right Doors
Left Doors CHASSIS - Standard RR/B, VIN=B196WH

ENGINE - Original 4.5 liter straight six with twin SU horizontal draft carbeurators

TRANSMISSION - Original four speed Cadilac Super Glide transmission completely rebuilt.

WHEELS & TIRES - All 4 original wheels with two spares all with good rubber.

BRAKE SYSTEM - I had the brake master cylinder and both slave cylinders rebuilt by White Post Restorations. All three cylinders were bored, then sleeved with brass linings for a super long lasting system. The brake shoes are in great condition.

SUNROOF - This car has a beautiful huge sunroof that works perfectly.
The Boot
Left Engine BODY - The coach is completely original and is in great shape. There are a few minor blemishes after 64 years but nothing major.

CHROME - The chrome is actually very good for being 64 years old but that is not unexpected since the vehicle has never spent time sitting outside.

ELECTRICAL - All electrical systems and lights work well including the fuel gauge that also doubles as an oil fill gauge.

CENTRAL OIL SYSTEM - This vehicle came from the factory with a central oil system for all major suspension joints. Just make sure there is oil in the reservoir and push the pedal located above the brake pedal to pump oil to all points on the suspension.
SOUND SYSTEM - This vehicle came from the factory with an AM/FM pushbutton radio that still works fine,

INTERIOR - All of the original saddle leather is intact with no tears, scuffs or severe wear points.

COOLING HEATING - The original radiator looks like new. The cooling system on this vehicle works very well.
Front Interior
MISC- I have an extensive library of shop manuals and printed material on this vehicle including the original color owners manual. PRICE, I am offerring this car for sale at $39,000. It comes with everything listed above and the original fuel pump. It also has a car cover, the two spare tires, and lots of printed material. Email me at Richard at RuckRacing.com with no spaces with any questions.