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Team Cars
Year Make & Model Number Class HP Weight Yr Acquired
1995Acura Integra FP30FP18024002018
Here is the Carpenter car that we bought to learn its secrets - and we did. This car won the National Championship Runoffs in 2009 and 2013. It is a great car that we have since sold so that it can be back on track doing what it should do. Unfortunately we have to race against it again.FP30pic1.jpg

1994BMW 325i EP27EP25025502021
Kevin drove this car for a friend at the 2021 ARRC. This is the picture from the first place trophy.94EP_BMW.jpg

1990Acura Integra FP73FP17022912009
We obtained this car in March of 2009 and completely re-designed and re-worked nearly every system on the car. In its 1st year it lead and reached the podium in every race we ran it in. It won the Great Lakes Divisional Championship, finished fifth at the runoffs, and 3rd in National Points in the Country. In its 2nd year it won four races, took three 2nds, broke one track record, finished first in National points, won the National Championship Runoffs, and won the Super Sweep Award. In its 3rd year it won 6 races, set three track records, and won the National Points Championship. In its 4th year it received a completely new RuckRacing engine, new engine management computer and substantial suspension modifications to make it even faster. It won 6 races, broke three more track records, won the National points championship again, and finished 4th at the Runoffs. In its 5th year it was unbeatable through 8 races but lost three races while winning because of a flat tire problem that we finally solved. It set 3 more track records and finished 3rd at the runoffs with a wounded transmission. In its 6th year it only ran two races, won them both and broke its own track record. In its 7th year it ran 9 races all at new tracks. It set two track records and won the National Championship Runoffs at Daytona. STATUS: Our primary race car.2020MOIntegra.jpg

1991Acura NSX Coupe5H126528001994
This is the 65th NSX built and sold to the public. It is all stock except for slotted brake rotors, Panther Plus brake pads, and a Remus muffler. It only has just over 30,000 miles and is an awesome car to drive. It is all aluminum with a 3.0L mid mounted V6 engine with Vtec, 4 channel ABS brakes and is said to be able to reach 185 mph. STATUS: Driven on nice days.91NSX.jpg

1972Honda AZ60099N/A3713122013
This is our newest acquisition. We found it buried in a garage where it had been sitting for 20 years. We got it from the wife of the original owner. It has a 600cc, air cooled, Honda motorcycle engine and was sold by Honda motorcycle dealers before there were any Honda car dealers along with the N600 model. There are supposed to be only a couple hundred of these left in existence of the 40,586 that were originally produced. We will have a huge task bringing it back to original condition but it will be fun. STATUS: Being restored.az600.jpg

1992Honda Civic STL2STL18023002016
This is our 92 Civic converted to a STL car. It has a B17A1 Integra engine. It was great fun to drive in STL. We ran it at the 2016 Runoffs but we didnít have sufficient time to refine it. We are probably going to sell the B17 and reinstall the ITB engine to make it just a fun car.STLCivic

1993Honda Prelude Si99N/A20023502008
This was a spare chassis for the race car until we sold it. We then rebuilt it for the road complete with a JDM H23A engine. It is in perfect condition except for the paint and a few body dings. We put Historical license plates on it in 2018. We drive it on nice days.93PreludeSi.jpg

1971Jaguar E Type 2+299NA27530001968
This car actually belonged to Diane. It was known as the Doctors wifes car because it had auto transmission, power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning. We have since sold it to my brother Dr. Don who keeps it in Wisconsin. It is an unrestored original car with a very smooth ride with that super smooth V12 engine. STATUS: Gone but still in the family.71Jaguar.jpg

1963Jaguar E-Type6N/A26524001982
Rescued from the junk heap in 1983, we have been restoring this car over the last 30 years. It has a fully syncronized transmission from a 67 XKE, all new wiring and a rebuilt engine & drivetrain. It still needs brakes rebuilt, electronic ignition, new radiator fan, and cosmetics - leather, paint & chrome. It is one sweet ride with a bunch of power for a car over 50 years old. It attracts more ladies than a puppy with a tragic limp. STATUS: Driven on nice days.64Jaguar.jpg

1954Rolls Royce - Bentley R Type7N/A25057002000
Diane bought this car back in 2000 at a British car show. Since then the automatic transmission was rebuilt in 2001 along with new motor mounts and a new flywheel. The rear mechanical brakes were re-done in 2003, and the front hydraulic brake system was completely rebuilt in 2010. It is nearly a perfect car now. We have used it for 10 weddings and a Prom over the years. STATUS: Since we donít use it much any more this car is For Sale.54Bentley.jpg

2013Yamaha YDRA EFI73N/A11.36002013
This is our new paddock vehicle. It is a 2013 black with black seats Yamaha golf car complete with fuel gauge/hour meter combo, headlights, tail lights, horn, fold down windshield, 3" lift kit, and heavy duty springs. We added the flip down rear seat kit. the extended roof capable of being lowered to fit on the trailer, a 20.5" tire wheel combo, an overhead stereo console with marine speakers and an hidden amplified AM-FM antenna, a dash skin in carbon fiber finish with lockable glove box doors, fender flares, a multi angle rear view mirror, and a factory shop repair manual. It has a 4 stroke 351cc 8.1:1 compression fuel injected engine that is designed for super longevity but is quite capable of some nice performance. Yamaha.jpg

1992Honda Civic CX2ITC5821702002
This was the first car we built ourselves. It held the ITC track record at Watkins Glen short track of 1:38.3 by driver Kevin Ruck. It also held the ITC track record at IRP by Richard Ruck. It was converted into a ITB Civic DX in January 2010. In its five years as an ITC car we raced it 39 times, it had 18 wins and finished on the podium 32 times. STATUS: Converted to ITB.92ITCCivic.jpg

1992Honda Civic DX2ITB11423452004
This is the CX converted to an ITB car with a DX drivetrain. It debuted in the IT Festival in Aug 2010 at Mid Ohio. After a couple more tune up races we took it to Atlanta and broke the ITB track record and won the ARRC Sprint race (shown here) and the ARRC 3 hour enduro race. It is by far THE easiest car we have ever worked on or driven on track. It is very fast and very forgiving. It was about to win the 2011 ARRC when we had a failure of the rear brakes. STATUS: This car was converted to HP but could have the ITB engine re-installed and run in ITB anytime.92ITBCivic.jpg

1992Honda Civic HP2HP12523502013
This is the ITB Civic converted to an H Production car. It has a new engine with a custom cam and higher compression pistons. It still needs some testing and development to unlock its full potential. I will put up a new picture of the car after its conversion to HP is complete. By the way, this car will be able to run either ITB or HP with just an engine change and program upload. We can swap engines in this car in about an hour. STATUS: Being converted. It will be for sale after it is developed into a competitive car.HPCivic.jpg

1985Honda Civic X43ITC9019651999
Originally bought from Colletti, this car was destroyed at Nelson Ledges in June of 2001. Most every "go-fast" part was salvaged from the car and is now on #1. This is the way it looked when we got it. STATUS: Gone but not forgotten.85ITCCivic2.jpg

1992Acura Integra ITA3ITA15022502004
We built this car from scratch in 2004. This car owns track records at Indianapolis Raceway Park, Road America, Putnum Park, and the Mid Ohio-Pro Course. It previously held the track record at the Mid Ohio Club course. It won the ITA American Road Race of Champions and Triple Crown Championship in both 2008 and 2009. It is one of only three cars to ever get into the 1:41s at Road Atlanta (J Moser-CRX, Price-Miata) and the 1:42s at Mid Ohio (J Moser & R Moser - CRXs). In its first 10 years through 2013 we raced it 106 times. It won 53 of those races and finished on the podium 88 times. STATUS: It has been sold and converted to FP. It finished in the top ten at the Indianapolis Runoffs in 2017.92ITAIntegra.jpg

1995BMW M3 Dinan95N/A275 W31752005
Kevin replaced his stolen Type R with this great car. It is in near perfect shape with only about 80,000 miles. This car is not only fun to drive but quite luxurious, and has a great sound. It is supercharged and has all the DINAN go fast goodies. It is super fast but luckily has the great BMW handling to go with it. STATUS: Gone but not forgotten.95BMW_M3.jpg

1969Corvette Roadster99N/A35032002005
We bought this one in a box, or should I say buckets - full of parts. It is basically a new car with a rebuilt frame, rebuilt engine, new 5 speed transmission with electronic ignition and distributor, new 4 piston SS brake calipers & new master cylinder with power brake servo, new fuel tank, lines, filter & pump, Edlebrock carb & intake, new power steering system, new paint and chrome, new white convertible top and a rebuilt black vinyl hardtop, and a complete new interior with leather seats. It is finally done with all the little items completed. It literally drives like a new car. STATUS: SOLD to a new owner in Belgium.69Corvette.jpg

1985Honda Civic S1ITC8619651999
This was our very first race car ever purchased. Literally only the body is left original but it was always a team favorite. Among many others, it won the 2006 and 2007 American Road Race of Champions enduro races at Road Atlanta with Kevin and Richard sharing the driving. After rebuilding the engine in 2011 it is now ready to win the ARRC with a good driver. Yes, that is our 92 Civic following behind in the picture. STATUS: Sold, but still out there running.85ITCCivic1.jpg

1994Honda Prelude Si42ITS17523502001
This car won the ITS Divisional championship in 1999 and the SSB Championship before that. We made many performance and safety improvements since then. It currently holds the ITS track record at Mid Ohio and is a fast, dependable, easy to drive car. Just before we sold this car early in 2011 we installed a Hondata and had it dyno tuned and found an ADDITIONAL 15 HP! STATUS: Gone but not forgotten.94PreludeSi.jpg

1998Acura Integra Type R10NA19527001999
We bought this car used with just 10,000 miles on the clock. Kevin drove it in SOLO races in 1999 and on track days at Mid Ohio and Putnum Park. This car was stolen out of a parking lot in Columbus on Aug 6 of 2004 and was never seen again. STATUS: Gone but not forgotten.98IntegraTypeR.jpg