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2010 SCCA FP National Runoffs Here is the online presentation of the 2010 SCCA Runoffs Championship race that Kevin won.
2011 SCCA FP National Runoffs You can go online to see the 2011 FP Runoffs race here.
2015 SCCA FP National Runoffs Here is the online presentation of the 2015 SCCA Runoffs Championship race at Daytona International Motor Speedway. The broadcast is 55 minutes long with all the pre and post race stuff, but the race is 14 laps in about 35 minutes. Kevin was on pole by over one second, won the race, and set a new track record. It was a good week. I counted 21 lead changes in this race by 5 different cars.
2016 SportsCar Article Here is the article about Kevin that was in the February, 2016 issue of SportsCar magazine.
2020 SCCA FP National Runoffs 2020 National Championship Runoffs at Road America. We were running away with this race when we lost oil pressure.
2021 FP National Runoffs This is the National Championship race where Kevin started 4th in a rain race. Kevin pulled to the lead and stayed there for 10 laps before it quit raining and the track dried out. The car that finished 2nd was penalized 3 spots for on track contact so we finished 2nd.
2022 SCCA National Runoffs This race was at VIR where Kevin started 8th in a rain race. He fought his way to the front and led laps 7-14. On the last lap he was passed by one of the very fast Miatas for the win because our ignition coils had been knocked loose on lap one. Three of the four spark plugs were melted but the car kept running. Follow the link to watch the race on YouTube.
ACL Performance Engine Bearing These are the bearings we use in our Championship Engines. They are track proven to provide optimum performance, endurance and durability essential for higher RPM engines.
AEM Electronics We have been using AEM engine management systems since 2012 with excellent success. We have recently upgraded to the Infinity EMS along with the CD-7L color dash display with data logging. Both of these are state-of-the-art with amazing capabilites and super easy to install. Call me if you want to discuss these for your car. The more I use it the more I love it.
ASR Parts We really started to make our ITA Integra do what we wanted after we installed the ASR rear sway bar. It allows us to adjust the car for different tracks and conditions that other bars won't let you do. Without it I doubt we could have won the National Championship. We also have one on the National Champion FP Integra and on the National Champion ITB Civic. Do you think we like them?
Blackburns Fabrication Blackburns supplies the metal for all the brackets, splitters, air damns and any other metal we need for our race cars. Their fabrication capabilities are amazing for even huge jobs but they still have time for us little customers. Talk to Mark Blackburn at 614-875-0784.
Capitol Custom Trailers & Coaches Talk with Glen Cardelino at Capitol Custom Trailers & Coaches when you need a new or used trailer. He helped us design our new InTech stacker trailer. I have worked with many trailer companies but none have come close to the knowledge and professionalism of Glen and his crew.
Great Lakes Division - SCCA This is our divisional website of Sports Car Club of America
Hasport Performance We use Hasport motormounts on our FP car. They are extremely well designed, well built, and light weight. We also installed these mounts on our ITA car when they became legal there. These guys not only have the best products around but they are easy and fun to work with. Try em.
Hoosier racing Tires Although we have tried a few other brands we have used Hoosier tires pretty much from the beginning. We have always found them to be the best way for us to win races. And, with the proper care and car setup, we have been able to use them for multiple weekends without sacrificing lap times. One of the best things about Hoosier is the help you get from them either at the track or on the phone. THEY KNOW RACING since that is all they do.
Huffmaster Racing This is a link to our friends Ray & Rob Huffmaster's web site. They are another father & son racing team that has been very successful. We love racing against them in our ITS Prelude or just being at the track when they are there. They are both great drivers and are fun to be around.
Ishihara-Johnson Crank Scapers We have these crank scrapers in both our National Champion ITA Integra and the new FP Integra. These devices give you more power and less heat with a passive non-moving part - simply amazing!
Moser Racing This is a link to the Moser racing web site. Our friends Bob & Joe Moser are another father & son racing team that have been very sucessful. Kevin would rather race against these guys then anybody else. They are both awesome drivers and they are the cleanest, safest drivers you will find.
Pat Gallagher Web Site Here is the web site of our good friends Pat Gallagher and his father Larry. Pat began his National racing career in F500 class the same year we began racing in F Production in 2009 and we met them at nearly every race that year. Pat & Larry are one of the reasons we love to race - great people and great drivers. Kevin and Pat both won the Runoffs in 2010.
Patrick Gallagher Racing This is the new website of our good friends Patrick and Larry Gallagher. Both Kevin and Patrick started racing in a national class in 2009 and they both won their first National Championship in 2010.
Raxles These are the people that helped us solve the half shaft problem with the Integra. Nobody knows axles like Marty at Raxles does. I highly recommend them for all of your axle needs. We use them for all the race cars and for our street cars.
Richardson Glass Service This is the place we get our Polycarbonate (Lexan) for our FP Integra windows. Talk with Joe Barnaba. He will do his best to help you with special needs. He is one of the true professional craftsmen left in this country. 888-366-5090
Ruck Racing website This is our very own website.
SCCA This is the home site for the Sports Car Club of America. From this site you can go to Division websites and to Regional web sites.
Slow Motion Motorsports This is where we have all of our tuning done on our race cars. It is East of I71 just West of Sunbury. They are very knowledgable and helpful with any and all go-fast modifications. Corey is a fellow road racer and drag racer and is the very best tuner you will find, tell him we sent you. He can even tune four wheel drive cars on his Dyno.
Special Projects Motorsports Talk with Jeff at Special Projects for all your transmission needs. (Dog gear kits, straight cut gears, final drives, etc.) If he can't help you he will find someone who can.
Wilwood Disc Brakes This is the company that makes the brake rotors, calipers and pads on the front of our race car. We just switched to Wilwood in 2021 to improve our reliability and repeatability. Another advantage is the simplicity of changing or rotating pads, and we saved 5 lbs per side with the 4-piston aluminum calipers.