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Race Tracks
Track City & State Miles Turns Website ITA record HP record FP record EP record
Barber Motorsports ParkBirmingham, AL2.317BarberMotorsports.com1:39.9901:49.1351:43.7411:39.990
The only time we have gone to this track was in Aug of 2012. We won both days and set a new FP track record. We loved everything about this track and can't wait to go back.Barber.jpg

Blackhawk Farms RacewaySouth Beloit, IL1.957www.BlackhawkFarms.com0:00.0001:21.4851:17.2121:15.868
This was the first track that Kevin ever raced on when he completed his SCCA drivers school in Aug of 2000. Since then we have been there only a few times. In 2010 we did some tire testing here for Hoosier.BlackhawkFarms.jpg

Circuit of the AmericasAustin, TX3.4120www.CircuitOfTheAmericas.com0:00.0000:00.0000:00.0000:00.000
Supposed to be the best track in the country. We raced there in 2017 and had great fun but our gearbox did not like the slow corners.COTA.jpg

Daytona International SpeedwayDaytona beach, FL3.5612www.daytonainternationalspeedway.comN/AN/AN/AN/A
This is the famous Daytona Oval converted into a road course. It was the site of the 2015 Runoffs. We took the FP pole by over 1 second (2:11.009), won the race (by .018 seconds), and set a new track record (2:12.419). Our top speeds were 145 mph. The track, facilities, and surrounding area were all phenominal. We hope to go back there again.Daytona.jpg

Gingerman RacewaySouth Haven, MI2.1411www.GingermanRaceway.com0:00.0001:49.0471:42.3281:41.712
This track is known as one of the safest tracks in the country. GingerMan Raceway is located in South Haven, Michigan just two hours from Chicago, three hours from Detroit, two hours from Lansing and four hours from Indianapolis. Surrounded by the rural countryside and forests of western Michigan, GingerMan Raceway is only minutes away from the resort communities of South Haven and Saugatuck, Michigan. With beautiful beaches, dunes, harbors, fine dining, and a championship golf course, western Michigan has a lot to offer. In 2011 the track was lengthened to 2.14 miles. Kevin took the FP track record on the longer course with a 1:43.147 in July of 2012. He came back in July of 2013 and broke his own track record with a 1:42.327.Gingerman.jpg

Grattan RacewayBelding, MI213www.GrattanRaceway.com0:00.0001:29.2341:25.7531:25.170
This is a drivers track with many elevation changes and blind turns. Drivers seem to either love this track or hate it. We love it. We have both raced and won many races at this track. The only drawback of this course is that they have to close the course between races so you can get into the infield where all the action is. We actually missed a race once because of it. They also are known for the best food at the Saturday night party.Grattan.jpg

Hallett Motor Racing CircuitJennings, OK1.810www.hallettracing.net0:00.0000:00.0000:00.0000:00.000
A track in Oklahoma that we finally ran in 2017. It is a very nice locally owned track by nice people. Our transmission at the time did not like the couple slow corners that it has. We would love to go back there with our new dog gear box with close ratios.Hallett.jpg

High Plains Raceway - Full courseDeer Trail, CO2.5515highplainsraceway.com0:00.0000:00.0000:00.0000:00.000
We first raced at this track in our 2015 season. We ran poorly and the engine ran hot. We found out later that it was the altitude that was forcing the engine to run lean. Since then we have corrected the tune in our cars computer to handle any altitude.HighPlains.jpg

Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayIndianapolis, IN2.43914www.IndianapolisMotorSpeedway.com0:00.0000:00.0000:00.0000:00.000
This is the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway home of the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400. It is on 560 acres and utilizes the oval and an infield track to form a road course for our use. This track hosted the 2017 SCCA Runoffs. We finished 5th because our car was not in it's best condition but we had a lot of fun. This track is huge with something like 100 garages, but because of the golf course they cram everything into about half of the space. That makes getting around in the paddock a total zoo. In 2021 we were running away with the Runoffs until it stopped raining. We were passed by the only guy who went out on dries.IndyTrack.jpg

Indianapolis Raceway ParkIndianapolis, IN2.515www.IRPonline.com1:49.3811:47.9771:42.1061:43.592
This track has an oval track, a drag strip and a road course that uses the drag strip for the front straightaway, and part of the parking lot for the back section of the track. The road course is no longer used. Kevin owns the ITA track record at this track. At one time, Dick owned the ITC track record here. We had a lot of fun at this track in our early years of racing. It is where Dick did his first school and race.IRP.jpg

Michigan International SpeedwayBrooklyn, MI1.910www.mispeedway.comN/AN/A1:25.318N/A
This track is an oval that has been modified for road race use. Our first trip there was May 25 & 26 in 2013. Kevin won both days and set a new track record both days. The road course track layout has been modified since then to make it safer and much faster. The track record is now held by someone else until we get back there and retake it. This track is one of the few where you can go up on the bleachers and watch your car for the entire race.Michigan.jpg

Mid Ohio - Club CourseLexington, OH2.2815www.MidOhio.com1:42.9171:42.9051:38.5181:37.054
Widely known as the most competitive track in the U.S., Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is a permanent road course with this 2.28-mile, 15-turn Club configuration and a 2.258-mile, 13-turn layout Pro configuation. Among the tracks signature turns are the Keyhole, the Esses, Thunder Valley and the Carousel. This is the club course where Kevin owns the FP track record. Our old Prelude Si race car still owns the ITS track record with Brian Ehmer at the wheel.MidOhioClub.jpg

Mid Ohio - Pro CourseLexington, OH2.25813www.MidOhio.com1:40.8471:45.3141:38.1980:00.000
Widely known as the most competitive in the U.S., This is the 2.258-mile, 13-turn layout Pro configuration. Among the tracks signature turns are the Keyhole, the Esses, Thunder Valley and the Carousel. This is the Pro course where Kevin still owns the ITA track record and the FP Track record. Although the course is one of the best in the country, the management of the facility is lacking. The facilities are outdated, and they force race organizers to buy crappy food from them at horrible prices. MidOhioPro.jpg

Nelson Ledges Road CourseGarrettsville, OH213www.NelsonLedges.com0:00.0001:14.8911:12.9501:11.894
This track was in very poor state of repair the last time we were there on June 8, 2001. Although many modifications have been made since then, we still do not believe this track is a safe place to race. It is too fast with not enough safe runoff areas. They have had many injuries and several deaths over the years. We do not race there.NelsonLedges.jpg

NOLA Motorsports ParkNew Orleans, LA2.7516www.nolamotor.comN/AN/A1:54.828N/A
We only raced at this track once at a double Majors in 2015. We won both days and set a new track record. It is very flat but very nice. And they are expanding the track by doubling its size to make it the longest track in North America. We hope to go back there again.NOLA.jpg

Pittsburg International Race ComplexWampum, PA2.819www.Pittrace.com1:39.9901:39.9901:39.9901:39.990
This is the combination of the North and South tracks. We first went there in 2016 and we loved it. They are still developing it, but this could easily be one of the best tracks in the country and overtake Mid Ohio as the best track in the Midwest.Pittrace.jpg

Pittsburg International Race Complex North TrackWampum, PA1.6812www.Pittrace.com0:00.0000:00.0000:00.0000:00.000
We raced here with the Prelude many years ago when it was called Beaver Run. It is a simple, somewhat boring track. Both Kevin and Dick instructed here for a high performance driving school as well.BeaverRunN.jpg

Pittsburg International Race Complex South TrackWampum, PA1.315www.Pittrace.com0:00.0000:00.0000:00.0000:00.000
The South track was finally opened in 2015. Both the South and the North tracks can be run independantly.BeaverRunS.jpg

Pueblo Motorsports ParkPueblo, CO2.210www.pueblomotorsportspark.net0:00.0000:00.0000:00.0000:00.000
We first raced at this track in 2015. After the engine running hot and with not much power on Saturday, we altered the computers engine map to add more fuel. Sunday morning the car was back to running cool and fast, and Kevin turned in two laps under the track record. Since then we have reprogrammed the cars computer to automatically compensate for high altitude tracks. The track and facility is in the middle of nowhere and is kind of sparse but we still enjoyed it.Pueblo.jpg

Putnam Park Road CourseMt Meridian, IN1.76610www.PutnamPark.comN/AN/AN/AN/A
A nice little track that is used mostly for testing and track days. This is the first track both Kevin and Dick and even Kerry ever drove a car on back in the late 90s. Dick drove his NSX, Kevin drove his Integra Type R, and Kerry drove her Integra GSR. Kevin also drove the NSX for one session. Kevin raced here with NASA in Oct of 2005, won 3 of 4 races and set a Honda Challenge H4 track record. For some reason the owner is in a feud with SCCA so no races are held here.Putnam.jpg

Road AmericaElkhart Lake, WI414www.RoadAmerica.com2:43.4572:41.0892:32.1012:29.708
The longest road course in North America, Road America is nestled in the North woods of Sheboygan county in some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere.High speeds and huge elevation changes make racing or spectating here fun for everyone. Kevin owns the ITA track record here by a bunch. On a normal regional weekend the ITA cars will be 5 seconds slower than his track record. He set it in Aug of 2006. This is also where Kevin won his first National Championship Runoffs race in 2010 in the FP Integra. Dick has quite a few of his races here as well since the track is just 45 minutes from his Lake House in Oshkosh.RoadAmerica.jpg

Road AtlantaBraselton, GA2.5412www.RoadAtlanta.com1:41.2531:44.4221:37.1081:38.420
Road Atlantas 2.54-mile Grand Prix road course features 12 challenging turns, including the famous "esses" and the tricky Turn 10 complex. The hilly terrain adds an additional degree of difficulty for the competitors, and at the same time providing incredible views for the spectators. The most popular viewing areas are Spectator Hill at Turn 5 and the new Terrace Seating overlooking Turn 10. This is one of our favorite tracks. We have many laps here in all five of our race cars. Kevin won the ARRC National Championship races here in ITA (twice), ITB, and Dick and Kevin won the ITC 3 hour enduro. We also had the track record in FP before it was taken by Ken Kannard while he was chasing Kevin. It is a fantastic track.RoadAtlanta.jpg

Summit Point Motorsports ParkSummit Point, WV210www.summitpoint-raceway.com0:00.0001:27.4341:22.2921:20.420
Our first trip here and first race was on 6-May-2012 when we were testing a new engine control system and a complete rewiring of the car. Even though we had a few problems and the car didn't run great, Kevin won the race and set a new FP track record of 1:22.292. We very much enjoyed this track and hope to go back again.SummitPoint.jpg

Texas World SpeedwayCollege Station, TX2.915www.texasworldspeedway.com0:00.0000:00.0000:00.0000:00.000
We raced here in 2015 right before the track was supposed to be closed. The track was fun but in a poor state of repair as they were already disassembling the facilities. This is where the race officials gave our race win to local driver after he was found underweight after re-measuring him 4 times, even after drinking tons of water. SCCA has tons of rules but the local officals selectively decide which rules to enforce and when.TexasWorld.jpg

Virginia International RacewayAlton, VA3.2717www.virclub.com0:00.0002:16.8622:09.4052:06.638
This is one of our favorite tracks with the nicest facilities and the nicest people anywhere. The first two weekends Kevin raced the ITA and FP Integras there, he won all four races even though we were not the fastest car. We lost the 2020 Runoffs here due to a blown engine, but in 2022 we went back for a Hoosier Super tour race, won the race by a huge margin, and broke the FP track record by a full second (2:07.099) with a perfect lap. We went back for the 2022 Runoffs championship race and lost an 11 second lead due to the coils being knocked loose by another car at the start of the race to finish 2nd. In 2023 we lead laps 2-9 and would never have been caught except for a full course yellow. We were passed by the two cars with fast engines and finished 3rd.VIR.jpg

Watkins Glen International - LongWatkins Glen, NY3.3711www.TheGlen.com0:00.0002:17.5912:09.6812:10.171
This is another of our favorite tracks. It is on the top of a mountain in the Finger Lakes area of New York. Way back in 2003 and 2004 Kevin & Dick drove the ITC Civics there. Dick also instructed here with the NSX club in 2004 in his NSX. In 2011 Kevin set a new track record in the FP Integra. We went back there in July of 2013 and Kevin broke his own record with a 2:09.681. In 2021 we went back to regain our track record with a 2:08.900.WatkinsGlenL.jpg

Watkins Glen International - ShortWatkins Glen, NY2.4511www.TheGlen.com0:00.0001:31.1871:33.1701:27.514
This is the short configuration of Watkins Glenn. Kevin owned the ITC track record on the short course of 1:38.334 set on 14-Sept 2003 in the Honda Civic CX. The short course is not near as much fun as the long and is not run very often except by the NASCAR group.WatkinsGlenS.jpg

World Wide Technology RacewaySt Louis, IL28wwtraceway.com1:39.0001:39.0001:39.0001:39.000
We ran here only once for a test day in May of 2020. We could not race due to a problem with the internals of the dog gear box. This was the first trip with the new InTech trailer and the first trip of the Discovery overheating.WWTRaceway.jpg