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2nd Place at National Championship Runoffs

Our last event of the year was the 2022 National Championship Runoffs at VIR. We had difficulties with the car early in the week but got them all sorted out and started the race 8th. It was a rain race that we used intermediate Hoosier tires that Kevin made himself from our used medium-soft rear tires. The car handled well and Kevin put on a driving clinic in the wet. He worked his way to the front with as much as an 11 second lead and led laps 7-14. Unfortunately our coil-on-plugs worked their way loose and the car was at least 5 mph slow in the straights. That allowed one of the very fast Miatas to catch up and pass Kevin at the finish line as the track dried out, to win by a quarter of a second. The Sportscar Magazine curse strikes again for a third year in a row. We had great fun all week with Carrie, Walter, Cora & Edwin. Read all the details in the NEWS Tab above.

For our third event of 2022 we went to Mid Ohio for a Majors race. We had some small issues with the car that we worked through and it ran well. Saturday Kevin started on pole and won the 15 lap race with a healthy lead, after falling to second for just a few turns. On Sunday we ran with a damaged half shaft. Kevin had the wheel come off in his hands in lap one after the kids put it on without locking it. After getting that back on and locked he found himself in 2nd place. He regained the lead after a few laps but for some reason the rear tires got a bit cooked and made the rear of the car loose. That allowed David Bednarz to get back around Kevin and pull out to a lead. Kevin modified his driving style to cool off and settle the car and caught back up to Bednarz. At the end of the 18th lap of a 21 lap race Kevin was on his bumper and getting ready to make the pass when they threw the checker flag.....
Read all the details in the NEWS tab above.

For our second event of 2022 we went to Pittsburg International Raceway for a Hoosier Super Tour weekend. In the Saturday race we started on pole and managed to stay in the lead for the win against a very talented group of 6 FP cars. Craig Chima turned in the weekends fastest lap while chasing Kevin and getting a nice tow from Kevin down the straights. Sunday it rained right up until our race at 3pm. We decided on the rain tires even tough it had just stopped raining at the start of our race. Kevin blasted out to a huge lead but a double yellow mid race brought everyone back together. Even though it was drying out and Campbell had dry tires and was catching up, Kevin managed to hold onto first for the win by just 3.5 seconds. Third place was Mason Crosby. Chima in his Super Seven went out last just to get the finish because his car does not do well on a wet track. We had a great time with Kevins family and Diane & Sheryl in attendance on a mostly beautiful weekend, and that track keeps getting better every time we go there. We were extremely happy to see the car run so well.

For our first event of the year we went to VIR for a Hoosier Super Tour weekend. In the Saturday race we had a failure of the front left shaft, bearing, and brake rotor in the 4th lap which put us out of the race. After scrambling to replace all the damaged parts and borrowing a spare Wilwood caliper from a friend, we had it all put back together. For Sundays race Kevin started first in class due to his fastest Saturday lap. He charged out in front and came close to passing the very fast EP Caterham car. He turned in four laps under Eric Prills track record of 2:08.05 with the best being 2:07.099, and won the race. We needed this win because of all the wierd failures we have had in the last two years.

Here is the first 6 laps of the Sunday Mid Ohio Hoosier Super Tour race in July with our new AEM CD-7L data embedded in the 360 degree video

And here is the out lap and first 3 laps of the 2020 Runoffs at Road America from our 360 degree camera with data imbedded via AEMdata.

And here is the 3rd qualifying session at the 2020 Runoffs at Road America where we were up on the track record when the car ran low on fuel

We have decided to sell the 1954 Rolls-Royce Bentley R-Type. It is nearly perfect and deserves to be used more than we use it. To see all the details about this beautiful classic, go to

We are very happy to thank our sponsors for their support. Although we have been approached by numerous companies we only accepted these products because we use and believe in them. Raxles half shafts, Ishihara-Johnson crank scrapers, Jeff at Special Projects Motorsports, and Hasport motor mounts have great products and have been great sponsors. We especially want to thank Cory at SloMotion for dyno ECU tuning, AEM Electronics, and Hoosier Race tires for their support without which we could be so successful. Click on the LINKS tab above to go any of these websites.

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