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Second Place at Runoffs
We took the FP Integra to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 2021 National Championship Runoffs. It was a great week where the car ran excellant and Kevin drove awesome. We started the race in 4th on a rainy day and blasted to the lead. Several cautions brought the rest of the pack back close to Kevin. After a dozen laps leading the race, it stopped raining and the track dried up. Kevin was then passed by the only two cars on the track with dry tires. He struggled to keep the car on the track with the front tires pretty much gone away. We finished 3rd but were moved to second after the 2nd place car was penalized. That made for an all HONDA podium. We picked the wrong tires but still ran a great race. Read all the details in the NEWS tab above.

Kevin drove a EP BMW 325 at the 2021 ARRC at Road Atlanta. That was his first time ever driving a rear wheel drive in a race. We had a few problems with the car but Kevin still managed to win the whole run group with over 40 cars. Read the details in the News tab above.

Here is the first 6 laps of the Sunday Mid Ohio Hoosier Super Tour race in July with our new AEM CD-7L data embedded in the 360 degree video

And here is the out lap and first 3 laps of the 2020 Runoffs at Road America from our 360 degree camera with data imbedded via AEMdata.

And here is the 3rd qualifying session at the 2020 Runoffs at Road America where we were up on the track record when the car ran low on fuel

We have decided to sell the 1954 Rolls-Royce Bentley R-Type. It is nearly perfect and deserves to be used more than we use it. To see all the details about this beautiful classic, go to

We are very happy to thank our sponsors for their support. Although we have been approached by numerous companies we only accepted these products because we use and believe in them. Raxles half shafts, Ishihara-Johnson crank scrapers, Jeff at Special Projects Motorsports, and Hasport motor mounts have great products and have been great sponsors. We especially want to thank Cory at SloMotion for dyno ECU tuning, AEM Electronics, and Hoosier Race tires for their support without which we could be so successful. Click on the LINKS tab above to go any of these websites.

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