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After experiencing some bizarre issues with the car this year we think we may have it ready to go and win our third National Champion Runoffs in October. Last weekend Kevin turned laps within a tenth of a second of his best lap ever at Road America even though we only got 6 hot laps due to those bizarre issues. We are making a few more improvemnts and racing it one more time at Mid Ohio just to make sure everything is ready to go. Read all the details in the NEWS tab above. Here is the first 6 laps of the Sunday Mid Ohio Hoosier Super Tour race in July with our new data embedded in the 360 degree video

We took FP#73 to Mid Ohio to see if all the gremlins were gone in a last test weekend before the Runoffs. The car ran near perfect as we tested a few different configurations of tires and wheels to get ready for the Runoffs. On the fourth hot lap in Saturdays race Kevin was 0.5 seconds faster than the FP track record on the club course set by Joe Huffaker 22 years ago. With only the carosel corner left he got caught behind an ITC lapper who parked it in the corner. Although he missed the track record by a tenth Kevin ran his fastest lap ever on that course. Hopefully the string of bizzare failures are finally done but if not we will still have fun at Road America at the Runoffs. Hope to see you there. Stop by and say hi.

We have decided to sell our second FP Integra that was the winner of the 2009 and 2013 Runoffs. We took the FP#30 to our dyno tuner a few weeks ago where it put up great numbers and has shown it is ready to race. We wanted it to be ready for anyone that wanted to buy it. It will be at an unbelievably low price for a two time national champion. THIS CAR IS FAST AND WELL EQUIPED. Contact us if you are interested. go to

We have finally decided to sell the 1954 Rolls-Royce Bentley R-Type. It is nearly perfect and deserves to be used more than we use it. To see all the details about this beautiful classic, go to

We are very happy to thank our sponsors for their support. Although we have been approached by numerous companies we only accepted these products because we use and believe in them. Carbotec Brake Pads, Mobil One Oil, Raxles half shafts, Ishihara-Johnson crank scrapers, Jeff at Special Projects Motorsports, and Hasport motor mounts have great products and have been great sponsors. We especially want to thank Cory at SloMotion Hondata and ECU tuning, AEM Electronics, Hoosier Race tires, and Honda for their support without which we could be so successful. Click on the LINKS tab above to go any of these websites.

Check out Sportscar Magazine.