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GETTING READY FOR A NEW YEAR Sunday, January 31, 2021
The year 2020 wasn't a great year but we certainly learned a whole lot from it. We now have a much more reliable dog box transmission that is easier to shift and drive. We have tires that are even more grippy, and will not go down while we are winning a race. We have rebuilt the fuel system with a new fuel pump with improved piping, new foam and a fuel level sensor in the fuel cell, and a new fuel filter. We are building an engine that will be as strong or stronger than last years engine but with an improved oil pump, lighter stronger connecting rods, and a harmonic balancer that will strip out all the nasty vibrations that can make things go bad. Also, we are building two new engines, both as good as we have ever built, so we will always be able to race if we have any kind of engine problem.

We have a simple goal this year - WIN EVERYTHING - culminating with the Super Sweep award just like we won back in 2010.